Saturday, March 19, 2022

Time to Finish Some Projects

I figured it must be time for another spring update, to let you know I'm still around. I've been reading the blogs a little more than I usually do during the winter months in an attempt to stay connected. As usual, my fall/winter included some reading, but my favorite wasn't one of several baseball books I read. It was actually a book about the assassination of President James Garfield called Destiny of the Republic. Of the baseball books I read, my favorite was probably a book about Roger Clemens called The Rocket that Fell to Earth. I also read biographies of Buck Weaver, Satchel Paige, Dave Dravecky, Bill Lee, Ted "Double Duty" Radcliffe, and Dick Williams. 

I've been doing some trading and have to mention the great haul I got from Nick's 10th anniversary giveaway over at the Dime Boxes blog. Though those cards are now safely filed away, Nick's generosity must be mentioned (thanks Nick)! 

A recent trade with Bo from Baseball Cards Come to Life was sparked by my interest in a single card:

I actually was interested in this card more for Harmon Killebrew than for Mantle, though it was neat to get my first vintage card featuring The Mick. 

I put together a bigger group of cards for Bo, and he sent a bunch in return. I sometimes think I need to narrow my focus to fewer collection goals, but the cards that follow show that I haven't done that yet. Still have a lot of card juggling to do with my collection.

These are some cards for my ongoing TTM project. I started sending my first TTM (through the mail) autograph requests last summer/fall, focusing on players that played locally as well as Cubs players. I've had pretty good success and would like to eventually share some of the cards I've gotten signed. 

A few from my 15+ year player project. This mini collection consists of cards that have 15 or more years of stats on the back. I'm at 597 of these cards now, which is kind of crazy since this is like my 10th collection priority (or maybe lower). 

Kerry Wood cards seem to find their way to me lately, and that's just fine!

Can't ever get enough of those waxy rookies, especially of one of my all-time favorite players. Plus a few new ones for the collection (now over 400 different). 

A few candidates for my second Frankenset, which is in progress. I've been working on posting the images from my first Frankenset, and am close to halfway there. This is a sincere attempt to finish a project for good! 

Bo sent two unexpected items that were arguably the highlight of the trade. 

Bill Zuber played for the Fargo-Moorhead Twins in 1934 when they were a minor league affiliate of the Cleveland Indians. He later made the majors, and opened a restaurant in Homestead, Iowa. The restaurant is now a hotel, but still displays some of Zuber's baseball memorabilia. Guessing one of these matchbooks might be there. 

The second matchbook is of the Powers Hotel here in Fargo. The building is still standing and now houses apartments. Very cool.

There were more cards in the trade package from Bo that I didn't show, which tells you it was a great trade. Thanks Bo!

Hope everyone is well. I've been updating my TCDB profile to hopefully spark some trading, so check it out if you get a chance. Help me finish some projects so I can add some sanity and order to my collection!