Saturday, May 21, 2022

A Repack Courtesy of Night Owl

Night Owl recently celebrated his 5,000 post, which is an incredible feat. It's even more incredible when you consider that the 5,000 posts were high-quality posts. At least I assume so. I've been following the blog for about 3 years, and have never read a post and thought, "that was underwhelming." N.O. is always either entertaining, educational, insightful, and usually all three at the same time. The fact that he decided to send out cards to his readers as a thank you is just a bonus, because he's the one already providing awesome content for all of us. But what a bonus it was!

My repack of 250 cards (probably closer to 300 cards) greeted me with this card on top. So yeah, I knew this was going to be great.

I wanted to highlight just a few of the many great cards that I received. As I flipped through, I often spotted cards that almost had to be hand-selected for me, which was an additional thoughtful touch. 

Love me some vintage, and the repack did not disappoint in that area.

The Hostess Carlton Fisk is super cool, and until very recently, I didn't have a single Hostess card in my collection. This one came around the same time I found a Thurman Munson in an 8 for a dollar box. I like this one better. Also, my first buyback (and it's a Cub)!

More fantastic vintage. My favorite here has to be the Ron Santo game card. Just super cool. But the others are each great in their own way, too, so they must be shown. N.O. probably didn't know I've started working on the 73 Topps set, but he sent a card I needed for that set. 

Cards for my player collections, and two of them are new to me!

Some fantastic horizontal action shots. I have a back-burner project of a horizontal Frankenset of only All-Star players. If I've mentioned this on my blog, I only did so one time, so either N.O. is a mind reader or incredibly thoughtful, or possibly both.

And finally.....

Tony Orlando! Because, why not Tony Orlando, right?! Might not be surprising to you, but this is my first Tony Orlando card. There were a few music cards in the repack, which was a neat change of pace. 

Thanks so much Night Owl and congrats on 5,000 posts!