Hall of Famers - Want List

Goal is one card of each inductee. Any card is fine.

Need cards of the following inductees:
Jake Beckley
Ray Brown
Morgan Bulkeley
Jesse Burkett
Henry Chadwick
Happy Chandler
Nestor Chylak
John Clarkson
Jimmy Collins
Jocko Conlan
Roger Connor
Andy Cooper
Candy Cummings
George Davis
Barney Dreyfuss
Elmer Flick
Bill Foster
Ford Frick
Pud Galvin
Pat Gillick
Frank Grant
Ned Hanlon
Doug Harvey
Pete Hill
Cal Hubbard
William Hulbert
Joe Kelley
Bowie Kuhn
Biz Mackey
Larry MacPhail
Effa Manley
Joe McGinnity
Bill McGowan
Bid McPhee
Jose Mendez
Marvin Miller
Kid Nichols
Hank O'Day
Walter O'Malley
Jim O'Rourke
Alex Pompez
Cum Posey
Jacob Ruppert
Amos Rusie
Louis Santop
John Schuerholz
Frank Selee
Bud Selig
Hilton Smith
Turkey Stearnes
Mule Suttles
Ben Taylor
Cristobal Torriente
Bill Veeck
George Weiss
Willie Wells
Deacon White
Sol White
J.L. Wilkinson
Vic Willis


  1. FYI, you'll want to get to know Gavin at Baseball Card Breakdown. He's a custom card creating guru and he's created a set of "Neglected Hall of Famers." I have a HOF binder and I wouldn't have been able to complete it if it weren't for his customs.
    Welcome to the blogs!

    1. Thanks for the tip! Some company should really put out a complete set.