Tuesday, March 7, 2023

A Funny Hat, An Oversized Glove, and More Random: My Frankenset Top 5

Over the past couple of weeks, I finished uploading all of the images of the pages for my Frankenset, and decided to do a recap of my favorite cards from the set. I've already revealed my honorable mentions as well as cards 6 through 10. That leaves the top 5, which I hope you'll enjoy. 

#5 - 1988 Iowa Cubs Procards #538 - Paul Noce

This card has several things going for it. It's a minor league issue, it's a Cubs card, and it's something fun and different (though there's actually another card in my set of a minor leaguer hitting a golf ball). 

#4 - 1984 Fleer #495 - Jay Johnstone

Jay Johnstone was a funny guy. I've read a couple of his books, and this card encapsulates his personality perfectly. Bonus: a Cubs card, again! 

#3 - 1990 CMC #139 - Paul Noce

Hey, it's Paul Noce again! I believe this card was staged using velcro or tape of some sort. See above for reasons for its inclusion. It takes the #3 spot despite the fact that Noce was no longer with the Cubs organization. The Nashville Sounds were a Reds affiliate.

#2 - 1986 Fleer #396 - Mickey Hatcher

Though not the only card to feature Hatcher's oversized glove, this was the original. Fleer does it again with a card that appears on most "funny card" lists. 

#1 - 1994 Collector's Choice #249 - Nolan Ryan

This might be my favorite card of all time. Some of the reasons why:
  • I first got this card as a kid, I believe out of a pack.
  • It is the "rarer" silver signature version of the card, and just looks awesome.
  • It features my first favorite baseball player.
  • It's beautifully framed.
  • The back has 27 seasons of easily readable stats (27!!!) 

So even though it doesn't fit one of the quirky categories found in my Frankenset, it still is #1 to me. It's one of a few "generally awesome" cards from my set, and it just had to be included. 

Do you have a favorite of this group? Any cards you hadn't seen before? 


  1. I hadn't seen the Ryan before. The readability of those stats really is quite impressive.

  2. Ryan was definitely not one of my favourite players because it felt like he was going to no-hit my favourite teams every time, but 27 seasons of stats on one card is impressive. Heck, playing 27 years in the majors is impressive.

  3. New about the second Noce card but not the first.

    At some point I will browse through the scans and add cards from your frankenset to my TCDB wantlist. Cards like that Noce.

  4. That CC Nolan Ryan is a fantastic card, front and back.

    There are so many fun minor league issues I've never seen before. I'd love to see someone put together a minor-league only Frankenset :D