Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The Frankenset Recap (Page 38: Cards 335-343)

Welcome to another installment of a series covering my completed Frankenset. I thought it would be fun to share the set page by page on this blog, and also provide some random commentary with each page. More information on the Frankenset as well as links to the pages that have been revealed can be found here.

Today we'll look at page 38 of the set, which includes cards #335 to 343. 

1994 Topps #335, Kevin Mitchell

Kevin Mitchell signing autos, likely at Riverfront Stadium. Mitchell actually played parts of three seasons in Cincinnati, clubbing 30 homeruns in just 95 games in 1994. 

1992 Topps #336, Greg Anthony

If 1992 was a shirt, this would be it. 

1999 Topps #337, John Burkett

The follow through on this swing really looks like an AL pitcher, doesn't it? 

1992 Bowman # 338, Hensley Meulens

Meulens never lived up to expectations as a highly-touted Yankees prospect. His autograph can be had for a few dollars on eBay. 

1993 Upper Deck #339, Duane Ward

Was it magic gum? Ward posted a 1.95 ERA in 79 relief appearances in 1992. 

1990 Fleer #340, Robin Yount

Modern analytics wouldn't approve of bunting with a guy like Yount, the 1989 NL MVP. 

1992 Upper Deck #341, Glenn Braggs

Something's about to go down here, and it might get ugly. 

2001 Bowman #342, Grady Sizemore

Sizemore began his career with the Expos organization before being traded in 2002 along with Cliff Lee, Brandon Phillips, and Lee Stevens. In exchange, Cleveland sent Bartolo Colon and Tim Drew (J.D.'s brother) to Montreal. The Indians definitely got the better end of the deal. 

1990 Upper Deck #343, Ellis Burks

Keep your eye on the ball, Ellis. 

Do you have a favorite from this page? There's not a definite standout for me, but I'd say Sizemore with the Expos would be my pick. I also enjoy the Greg Anthony shirt and Robin Yount bunting.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I think I'd have to go with the Sizemore as well (a zero-year card!). That was an absolutely awful trade for the Expos.

  2. Gotta go with Yount. The Greg Anthony is weird to me because I associate that name with the basketball player, who was ALSO drafted in 1991.

  3. The Yount is a great action shot. Your comment on the Anthony gave me a chuckle. Like BA... I remember the name for the UNLV guard during that awesome National Championship year.

  4. Legend of Cardboard Kirt Manwaring -- -- is such a legend he improves other players' cards!

  5. I like the angle on the Mitchell card. He gets the favorite nod followed by Braggs.