Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Stats and More Stats

I've always loved baseball statistics. In fact, I actually became a fan of baseball stats and baseball cards before I really got into baseball itself. So I thought it would be fun to share some stats from my completed Frankenset. Feel free to click the link to view all the cards from the first 5 pages of the set (more to come!). I'd love to hear your thoughts on the cards on those pages. Ok, back to the stats. Each section will be followed by a favorite card from the top item on the list:

Top 10 Categories (featured on the most cards):
  1. Lesser Knowns - probably my favorite category, so no surprise
  2. Name/Nickname
  3. Unique Team
  4. Glasses
  5. Pitcher Hitting
  6. Signing Autos
  7. Field Action - Awkward
  8. Unique Pose
  9. Facial Expression - Posed
  10. Hair

Top 10 Teams (several ties in this category; I know a few bloggers who will be happy with this result.)

    1. Los Angeles Dodgers
        San Francisco Giants
        Atlanta Braves
    4. Cincinnati Reds
        Oakland A's
    6. Baltimore Orioles
        St. Louis Cardinals
        New York Mets
        San Diego Padres

Top 10 Years - I make no apologies that this is a "Junk Era"-heavy set. But 1987 didn't make the top 10!
  1. 1992
  2. 1993
  3. 1991
  4. 1990
  5. 1994
  6. 1995
  7. 1988
  8. 1989
  9. 1996
  10. 1981

Top 10 Brands (not too many surprises here)
  1. Topps
  2. Upper Deck
  3. Donruss
  4. Score
  5. Fleer 
  6. Collector's Choice
  7. Stadium Club
  8. Bowman
  9. Conlon - The Sporting News
  10. Topps Total

Top 10 Set/Year (some ties again)

    1. 1993 Upper Deck - a fantastically unique set
    2. 1992 Upper Deck
    3. 1991 Upper Deck
        1994 Collector's Choice
    5. 1981 Topps
    6. 1992 Topps
        1990 Upper Deck
        1992 Donruss
        1991 Score
        1995 Score 

I could slice this a few more ways, but I'll wrap it up for now. Hope your favorite category/team/brand/set was represented! 


  1. Stats and lists are fun!

    The Dodgers probably made it to the top based on Roger McDowell cards alone.

  2. Griffey Jr. and Dykstra are my favorites from the first 5 pages.

  3. I've thought about counting the number of cards from each individual set in my frankensets - I'm thinking Upper Deck is #1 because I seem to have a '93 UD card in every page.

  4. Poor Tommie Aaron didn't stand a chance!

  5. I'm a huge fan of baseball stats. I was reading and studying the AL Red Book and NL Green Book before I started collecting baseball cards. I'm also a big fan of Top 10 lists.