Saturday, August 7, 2021

More Frankenset and Lots of Mail

Four more Frankenset pages are posted. Do you agree with my favorite from each page?

Page 6: Cards 46-54 - Favorite: Pat Kelly error

Page 7: Cards 55-63 - Favorite: Rickey Henderson brushback

Page 8: Cards 64-72 - Favorite: Fun at the Ballpark

Page 9: Cards 73-81 - Favorite: Roger McDowell with the umpires

I've been working on getting signed baseball cards and index cards for players who played in Fargo. I've gotten some cards, and the index cards, on eBay and through trades on Others I've gotten through some requests through the mail. For these, I always ask if they have any memories of their time playing in Fargo. I've gotten a few that have responded to the question, which has been fun. Someday I might get some of that posted here, but as you can see above, I have a few more pages of my Frankenset to post first. But here's a sampling:

I found an old Fargo-Moorhead Twins program image online and printed it on cardstock. I've sent and received five replies from former players: Womack, Hal Stowe, Bill Dailey, Bud Zipfel, and Jim Perry. All of these guys made the majors. I've sent out five more to players who never made the majors, but since they are all in their mid-80s, I'm not sure if I'll get any replies. I'm already working on sending to players who played in Grand Forks (about an hour north of Fargo). We'll see how that goes. 


  1. 6 - Presidential Pilot
    7 - Joe Pettini - witness protection
    8 - Tom Glavine batting
    9 - Don Mossi

    Jim Perry had a nice career.

  2. Page 6: Tom Seaver, because Tom Seaver. I need that card!
    Page 7: Keith Hernandez as a Cleveland. Biased? Me?
    Page 8: Another short-term stop of a legend: Tim Raines as an Oakland.
    Page 9: The Don Mossi is legendary. Runner-up to the Conlon Bill Knickerbocker.

  3. You voted the entire '92 Triple Play ticket!

    Page 6: Kenny Lofton, don't see a parachute on a card every day
    Page 7: Joe Pettini, wonderfully airbrushed and he's not happy
    Page 8: Ryne Sandberg,I'll always vote for signing for fans
    Page 9: Mossi, didn't even look at the other candidates

  4. That autograph project sounds like a fun one. I bet some of the minor leaguers will appreciate being remembered. Never saw that Seaver before - I wonder if it is from the same photo shoot where he posed as a lefty and the photo almost made it to a final Topps card.

    Other than that I think Triple Play wins every round. Fun at the Ballpark is a great underrated card.

  5. The Dooley Womack auto is really great. It doesn't look like his signature has changed much since that 1967 facsimile.